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Each SMART Board lesson uploaded to SJED should include substantial content to be used in an interactive manner.  It should seek to use the SMART Board technology's full potential, by incorporating such features as split screen, interactive tools, contrasting materials, camera tools, and use of both text and pictures. Lessons should take at least thirty minutes to present.

SMART Board lessons should be professional with complete educational content.  The submitted lessons should be those that have been used effectively in a classroom setting. The lessons should contain at least two or three interactive features and have limited handwritten notations. The lessons should illustrate the educational, technological and creative usefulness of the SMART Board. All lessons must be submitted in .notebook format using Notebook 10 software.

Lessons should be presented so that another educator can use it immediately with all features and activities locked or appropriately placed.  Additionally, all Hebrew lettering must be legible and transferable to all SMART Boards and computers. Please do not use Davka text directly on lessons - all Hebrew text must be readable in MSWord or made into graphic images before being used in a lesson.

Each lesson should contain a title page that includes all of the following information:

  • Teacher Name
  • School Name
  • Location of the school
  • Name of the lesson
  • Grade, subject and topic of the lesson

Each lesson should also include an instructions page that contains a brief explanation of the goals of the lesson and how to use it effectively so that other teachers viewing the lesson on SJED will understand how to properly use it in class.

When placing lessons in SJED, teachers are required to enter several keywords so that other teachers may find lessons using topics of interest. Please make sure to use as many keywords as possible when uploading lessons.

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